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Paperclay for Ceramic Sculptors Handbook (2014)

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Innovation in Paperclay Ceramics, Gault Ph.D (2013)

Anyone pursuing academic degree involving paperclays will find extensive history, background and citation- of contribution and published research known prior to and after 1991.

Early Stage Research Water Report and Utube Info


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Innovation in Paperclay Ceramic Arts

Ph. D. Award Based on Contribution to Knowledge by Existing Exhibited and Published Works by Rosette Ford Gault

This Ph.D based on existing published and creative work brings together contribution to knowledge by Rosette Ford Gault.
Within the book Paperclay Art and Practice (2013) is a core framework of innovation that Gault developed for her ceramic art seen in her first
handbook in 1993. Porous/vitreous “paperclay” with her pulp/clay ratio allows wet to dry patch of cracks and multiple other advantages now in continuous use. Of 18 novel preparation methods and 75 ceramic practices, ways to create an interior fibre structure of cellulose fibre and maximize the nano scale relationship between clay body particles and cellulose fibre were explained.
In collaboration with Dr. David Kingery, the first micrographs with a new profile of displacement and modulus of rupture data for her wet/dry capable pulp/clay ratio paper clays were published in 1993.
Gault contributed US Patent 5,726,111, trademarked PClay®/P’Slip®
products since 1996, a portfolio of artworks, (150) exhibitions, (5) books/dvd, (38) articles, (2) websites and published research vision for water filtration, simulated ceramic bone, and industrial waste reclaim. Development, background and research methodology of these contributions are traced. Teaching included 77 demonstrations in 15 countries.
Work undertaken by Gault has been referenced in at least 218 published pieces of research and cultural contribution, (6) Ph.D, and (15) M.F.A./M.A.degrees. 296 artists from 39 countries contributed to the book. Future research areas stemming from this thesis include education, 3D printing, collaboration with materials science, porous clay filtration, medicine, and sustainable design.

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The thesis was submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Ph.D degree in England.

Requirements in addition included formal "viva voce" oral examinations and defense by teams of scholars and colleagues inside and outside the University of Sunderland, National Center for Ceramics and Glass, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, England, UK

The LIbrary of Art and Design at the National Center for Ceramics and Glass, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, England, UK has a leatherbound printed copy.

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