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Above title: 2015 Bloomsbury and UPenn Press Publisher


Paperclay for Ceramic Sculptors Handbook (2014)

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Innovation in Paperclay Ceramics, Gault Ph.D (2013)

Anyone pursuing academic degree involving paperclays will find extensive history, background and citation- of contribution and published research known prior to and after 1991.

Early Stage Research Water Report and Utube Info


Study with Rosette


Think by Hand by Rosette Gault

Over 200 Visual Themes for Clay and/or Paper-clay Projects to Order

Feast your eyes on 494 visual ideas that have linked human minds across time in in the ceramic arts, pottery, graphics, figures, architecture, humanities, culture, and sciences. Begins with a single lump of clay in the hand and ends with the most advanced contemporary expression of ideas and topics covered in every art school. Versatile ceramics and paperclay ceramics are ideal for bringing ideas and concepts into a handheld tangible 3D form which later can easily be imported into computers if desired for further tweaking and animation.

At times we “think by hand ” faster and more clearly than by word. And solutions to most of mankind’s former mystery’s were first understood and communicated only by means of 3D or 2D models, diagrams, or sketches. We start from from a shapeless lump of soft clay or paperclay and it moves from there.

Teacher, HomeSchool Parent, or self- directed learners will find this collection of projects a survey of the key concepts taught in every art school. Suggested lesson plans in the appendix give a handy guide that fits in standard curriculum.

"Can makers directly "touch" a thoughts by hand? Find out for yourself how non verbal intelligence can be used to advantage.

Chapter Contents:

1. Clay as a 3D Hand Thinking Tool.

Visual Review of Basic Clay/ Paper clay hand building and modeling skills- as in pinch, coil, slab and figure. Start with a lump and simplest ideas.

 2. Mind Meets Matters of Fact

Themes for hand made forms and scale models based on daily life, tabletop, architecture, literature, film, theatre, fables, fantasy and more. Sample Page "Feel Visions"

 3. Connect to the Minds of Craftsmen

Watch how refinements in beauty and symmetry solve practical design problems in clay. Pottery makers hand skills needed to make vessels, cup and handle, teapots, vases, lids, “feet,” dishes, and bowls are featured.

4. Connect to the Minds of Masters

Inspiration for project possibilities that comes to us via antiquities and cultural treasures of ceramic art history. See examples from every continent.

5. Connect to the Minds of Artists

Ways of seeing the world that engage fine artists, illustrators and graphic designers at all levels of skill. Painting, abstract and figure studies are included.

6. Connect to the  Mind of the Intellectual Gourmet

Visualize abstract concepts such as the avatar, molecular biology, quantum physics, humor, mathematics, languages, and more.

7. Behind the Scenes.

Course outlines for formal, self directed or home study. Support for teachers and students at all levels including children, special needs, K-12, college and university. Clay hand-building, sculpture, potters wheel, design, tiles, and fine art applications. Sources, index.

All ages and abilities served. Updated for use with P’Clay,® (modeling ceramic paper-clays) potter’s clays, and/or mixed media.

Formal, self-directed, or home study, art/design course outlines with 494 B&W illustrations.

ISBN 978-0-9638793-1-6 Paperback, 224 pages

$24.00 USD $30.00 CDN plus S and H

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