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Recent Titles for an artist's, teacher's, researchers, library

Above title: 2015 Bloomsbury and UPenn Press Publisher


Paperclay for Ceramic Sculptors Handbook (2014)

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Innovation in Paperclay Ceramics, Gault Ph.D (2013)

Anyone pursuing academic degree involving paperclays will find extensive history, background and citation- of contribution and published research known prior to and after 1991.

Early Stage Research Water Report and Utube Info


Study with Rosette

The following titles are in preparation.

Tentative Title:

Art of Paperclay

A Contemporary Artists Perspective

Survey recent developments, themes, and directions in forms paperclay ceramic forms worldwide. Many of the visions are impossible to build in traditional clay. The longing for expressive freedom has led to a collective advance and new views and paradigm.

The concepts that artists explore in ceramics today merge science, physics, and social issues to result in vision and concern that cross international boundaries.

ISBN: 978-0-9825736-4-8 on digital for ipad. Estimated 250 interactive color plates. Color prints can be made from pages as desired. A pdf version is also planned.

Cover art: by Nuala O'Donavan (Ireland)

Working Title:Go Paperclay

A visual collection of hand built sculptural and wheel work in ceramic paperclays from clay studios and kilns around the world.

Ten chapters include one of a kind works and visions for home and garden. Works inspired by folk art, animal figures, tiles, outdoor, fantasy, pottery, and figure. Appendix with recipes and comments from artists.

Cover art above by Cory McRory (USA) All color plates