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Above title: 2015 Bloomsbury and UPenn Press Publisher


Paperclay for Ceramic Sculptors Handbook (2014)

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Innovation in Paperclay Ceramics, Gault Ph.D (2013)

Anyone pursuing academic degree involving paperclays will find extensive history, background and citation- of contribution and published research known prior to and after 1991.

Early Stage Research Water Report and Utube Info


Study with Rosette

dvd video demonstrations

Paper Clay Workshop 1, with Rosette Gault: Sold Out

Two Hours of Demonstration in studio with a click list of 16 topics for adult to professionals, plus bonus slide shows on Wheel Throwing, Tips When working with Beginners/Children, Translucent Porcelain, and more.

What you'll see inside: DVD Demonstration Topics

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ISBN 978-0-9638793-2-5

Most of the video was taken in 1996, but has been supplemented for DVD version 2006. Reprint 2008