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Because there are variables beyond my control (clays, papers, water, mixing errors and etc) always pre test fire what you have before a big project. No guarantee can be offered that 'alternative" commercial paperclays now on the market will meet the all the performance advantages of my high performance trademark P'Clay® brand only available from licensed manufacturers/distributors.

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Author, Artist and Editor: Jeoung-Ah Kim

Symposium: "Ceramic Art and Design for a Sustainable Society", Gothenberg, Sweden at Frolunda culture Center, March, 2011

2006 BookTitle: Paper-composite porcelain: Characterisation of material properties
and workability from a ceramic art and design perspective
Language: English Year: 2006 ISBN: 91-975911-2-2

Key words: Ceramic art and design, Interdisciplinarity, Paper clay,
Porcelain, Practice based

Some More Articles with SEM Images.

Jeoung-Ah, K. The characterization of paper composite porcelain in a fired state by XRD and SEM. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2004, 24 (15-16), 3823-3831.

Jeoung-Ah, K. The characterization of paper-composite porcelain in a green state. Jeounal of the European Ceramic Society, 2006, 26 (6), 1023-1034.

2005 Another paper by Jaishree Srinivasan, with B. Tworek-Matuszkiewics, J. Flynn and Z.H. Stachurski published 2005 AICCM "Paperclay-a viable gap filler for earthenware ceramics" Australia The Austrailan Insitutute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials