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Because there are variables beyond my control (clays, papers, water, mixing errors and etc) always pre test fire what you have before a big project. No guarantee can be offered that 'alternative" commercial paperclays now on the market will meet the all the performance advantages of my high performance trademark P'Clay® brand only available from licensed manufacturers/distributors.

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Study with Rosette

selection of early article downloads :

The Helpful Practical Basics

"how-to" get started with picturesPDF: suggestion: download the latest version of Acrobat Reader for free from website.

1 Paperclay A Primer from Pottery Making Illustrated: showhow tomix on a studio batch.

2 Potential of Paperclay from Ceramic Arts and Perception 1994 (Australia) early resultsand artworks

3 Demonstration at NCECA San Diego National Council on Education for theCeramicArts conference NCECA Journal 1993

4 The Magic of PaperclayCeramic Review 1994 (UK) after my presentation to "Playing with Fire, Ceramics toward the New Millenium" at Victoria and Albert Museum, London UK, November 1994

5 Daniel Rhodes / Robin Hopper Clay and Glazes for the Potter EXCERPT about paperclay bodies

6 Scott, Paul Six Stories from the Paperclay RevolutionArtist Newsletter (UK) 1996

7 Large Scale Paperclay Porcelain 2004 from Ceramics Technical (Australia)

8 Rules..Rule...What Rules? Ceramics Monthly 1992, 1996

9 Repair of Broken Leg from Ceramics Monthly/Pottery Making Illustrated

More Selected Bibliography On Paper and Clay Journals/Books in English, by Gault-

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