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Because there are variables beyond my control (clays, papers, water, mixing errors and etc) always pre test fire what you have before a big project. No guarantee can be offered that 'alternative" commercial paperclays now on the market will meet the all the performance advantages of my high performance trademark P'Clay® brand only available from licensed manufacturers/distributors.

Sand Cast forms

Karen Hvsabo, (Denmark)

outdoors/large scale forms

Also see Models for Large Scale Public Art at Seattles Waterfront Pier 62/63 2012

Snow in Banff, Canadian winter -40 below, sun on the same paperclay porcelain no grog! in summer 40C above.

Brickyard Angel by Dave Porter at Archie Bray, Helena, Montana USA,

wood fired stoneware paperclay

Sand cast earthenware by Rosette outdoors near Seattle. More on sand cast in my books.

and work by Birgit Krogh (Denmark).

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