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Because there are variables beyond my control (clays, papers, water, mixing errors and etc) always pre test fire what you have before a big project. No guarantee can be offered that 'alternative" commercial paperclays now on the market will meet the all the performance advantages of my high performance trademark P'Clay® brand only available from licensed manufacturers/distributors.

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1. Session One

Improvise forms and parts then leave them all to harden and will be easier to transport and to finish.

2. Session Two:

Next day, week, or whenever, brush or sponge a quick coat of P'slip®...... seals between coils instantly below.

Then, wipe and trim with a damp sponge. Decorate and finish.

coil with kids

High success hand building is easier than ever. Two Step Process includes.

1. Session One: coil with no "glue..."

No fussing or hurry to join or seal between them with a slurry or water before the clay dries too much (that would be required in traditional clay.) To reduce or eliminate extra fingerprints, dents and dings just leave the fresh pots alone overnight to harden. No water mess. If coils get worked too much or for too long a time they will start to dry and harden, replace them with a fresh soft p'clay. Save the scraps to dry out for use later.

2. Session Two: trim seal gaps, color and finish to take home.

So easy to seal little openings between coils at this stage compared to at soft stage. The next day brush some watered down P'Slip® slurry between the coils to fills in the gaps instantly and neatly.

At bone dry the shape is tough enough to handle without denting and marring the smooth surface.

Trim and wipe with a damp sponge AFTER the coils are completely air hardened. Typically overnight, unless you force them dry sooner in a sunny or warm place.

Dampen both sides with water, scratch the ends, brush on a little P'Slip®, and press together. If you want to reinforce, alter, or extend, putty in soft P'Clay ®.

Prepare your students to succeed in traditional clay. Build skill and confidence with repeat chances for proper joins, assembly, and trimming with P'Clay®.

Repair cracks too. Just re-wet bone dry areas and brush watered down P’Slip®  in corners and/or sponge off excess to taste. Putty inbetween with more P'Clay® for even more strength. In my classes no firing happens until everything is trimmed up and assembled properly. Save fuel and heartache ahead of time.

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Lots of chances to quickly see form.