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Because there are variables beyond my control (clays, papers, water, mixing errors and etc) always pre test fire what you have before a big project. No guarantee can be offered that 'alternative" commercial paperclays now on the market will meet the all the performance advantages of my high performance trademark P'Clay® brand only available from licensed manufacturers/distributors.

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cutout cookie shape above top, roll up soft clay edges of the "cookie," then fold the shape over to make a legged figure thatis hollow inside, quick and light weight.


fold into shapes:

Fold up cutouts to make instant soft hollow forms. When they harden then add new parts, assemble and improvise.

Cutout soft slabs--rolled out with a rolling pin. Remember to turn the slab over in between each roll over with the pin to keep p'clay from sticking to the table.

With little kids I start them with a small hamburger patty sized flattened ball of clay to practice rolling it thinner and thinner.

With kids in classroom I use a sharpened pencil rather than a sharp needle tool.

Cutout shapes with cookie cutters also possible.

These will air harden twice as tough as a traditional clay.

With older more experienced students you can do roll up foldup forms from the cutout shapes.

Let these stiffen to bone dry and they are tough as an armature to support fresh layers of wet soft p'clay. see more in the studio help section of this site and in my books.